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NY Belize Parkfest 2008



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Best Little Zoo In The World

The Belize Zoo, the best little zoo in the world.



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Caribbean Monk Seal Gone For Good

Sad realization. A species is lost, never to return to Earth anymore. The crew of Columbus’ second voyage was the first to kill the seals. Columbus, hailed as a hero to Europe, was nothing but a decimator of indigenous peoples in this area. And now to find out it was his crew that began the decimation of the little monk seals too? Too much to bear. Read the story HERE.

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Mr. Noel Escalante To Hold Photo Exhibition

Mr. Noel Escalante who we know as an employee at the BTB has shown us samples of his photograpic works and we have to say they are FINE!  Mr. Escalante is an excellent.  If you can, you should attend his exhibition.  I am sure he will have a ton of great stuff displayed, stuff you can hang proudly in your house in your hotel rooms or in your store or office or wherever.  Support the man, please.  His stuff is THAT good!

The Mexican Embassy has translated the press release in both Spanish and English (see below) for your ease of reading.


• Noel Escalante displays Belize photographs printed on canvas.
• The Exhibit is sponsored by the Embassy of Mexico and Belize Tourist Board
• IMB is a center to present arts and culture from Mexico and Belize.
The Mexican Embassy to Belize and the Belize Tourism Board presents the photographic exhibit “Beautiful Belize” by Belizean artist Noel Escalante at the Institute of Mexico in Belize (IMB).

Noel Escalante has a long career of over 20 years as a photographer. His main interest is snapping images on Belize: rivers, valleys, coral reefs, waterfalls, Maya sites, people and Belizean culture in general.

This exhibition presents photographs printed on canvas and not on paper, resembling oil paintings. The technique gives a colorful and particular texture that causes a pleasant feeling to the public.

“Beautiful Belize” will be presented at the IMB, cultural center established by the Mexican Government in 1993 at the former capital in order to show culture and arts of Mexico and Belize and enhance cooperation among artists from both countries.

The opening of this exhibit will be on Tuesday, 10 June at 6:30 pm at the gallery of the IMB, but it will be open to the public until 27June 2008. The public can visit the exhibit Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the IMB located at the corner of Newtown Barracks and Wilson Street in Belize City (entrance at Newtown Barracks)

For more information, please contact the Institute of Mexico in Belize at 223-14-08 or by e-mail:

(Spanish translation below)


• Noel Escalante exhibe fotografías sobre Belice impresas en lienzo.
• Patrocinan la Embajada de México y el Consejo de Turismo de  Belice
• La exposición se presenta en el IMB, centro de enlace de las culturas de México y Belice.

Belmopan, 6 de junio de 2008.- La Embajada de México en Belice y el Consejo de Turismo de Belice presentan la exposición fotográfica del artista beliceño Noel Escalante “Beautiful Belize” en el Instituto de México en Belice (IMB).

Noel Escalante tiene más de 20 años de carrera como fotógrafo y su principal interés es plasmar imágenes sobre Belice: ríos, valles, el arrecife de coral, cascadas, sitios mayas, la gente y su cultura en general.

Esta singular exposición presenta fotografías impresas en lienzo y no en papel, por lo que se asemejan a las pinturas al óleo. La técnica otorga un colorido y una textura particular que causa una agradable sensación al espectador.

“Beautiful Belize” se presenta en el IMB, centro cultural establecido en 1993 en la antigua capital, con el fin de difundir la cultura y las artes de México y Belice y promover la cooperación entre los artistas de ambas naciones.

La inauguración de la muestra será el martes 10 de junio a las 6:30 horas en la galería del Instituto de México en Belice, sito en la esquina de Newtown Barracks y Wilson Street de la ciudad de Belice. La muestra estará abierta al público hasta el 27 de junio del 2008, en un horario de 9:00 a 4:00 horas, de lunes a viernes.
Para mayor información, favor de contactar a Instituto de México en Belice, teléfono 223-14-08 o al e-mail:

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Welcome to the blogsite for Amazing Belize!

We decided the create this blog to try to consolidate and bring to you updated news and information about Belize hot off the press, and in as many interactive forms as possible.  Traditional news sites only seem to post photos and text.  Here at Amazing Belize we think there are many fab videos about Belize throughout the internet, and we would like to consolidate the best ones here at this site for you.  We also feature audio clips of speeches and the like.  So, if you are looking for straight up boring text and maybe some photos, this is not the place.  If you are looking for a LIVE interactive site with much visuals as well as information, then this is the place for you.

On this blogsite you will not find the cookie cutter Belize news like you find on the news sites.  Here you will find the other stuff — things you won’t find on the other news sites.  Just so you know, we browse the net periodically and sometimes find some of the most interesting and quaint stuff associated with Belize.  Whenever we come across any of these, we will also post them here for your enjoyment.

Welcome to Amazing Belize!

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